Bag Policy

Bags that DO NOT meet these requirements must be returned to the patron's vehicle or stored in a locker (lockers are limited & subject to availability - located outside GATE A). Lockers do have a cost associated depending on the locker size you select.

Parental/Medical bags are allowed inside (subject to search) and cannot exceed a 12" x 14" dimension.

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No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the CURE Insurance Arena. Alcoholic beverages will be sold by OVG Hospitality during events. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the parking lot.

Cameras and Recording Devices

As a general rule, professional cameras, video, flash photography and recording devices are not permitted inside the Arena. This is subject to change on an event-by-event basis. Patrons should always view the event detail page for any specific camera/recording policy changes. If by chance, a guest brings a camera or recording device to an event, the guest will be asked to return that item to his or her vehicle. The Arena cannot hold any personnel property belonging to a guest.

General Rules/Decorating

NO balloons are permitted in the building. The cost of removing excessive tape will be the responsibility of the tenant. Stickers and adhesive backed decals are not to be given out in or around the building. The ONLY tape that is allowed to be used is painters tape.

Nails and screws are not to be driven into the arena floor and walls. Decorations can NOT cover or obstruct ANY area signage.


Guest Conduct

CURE Insurance Arena strives to provide its guests with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable atmosphere. Therefore, the Arena has established the following guidelines:

1. Guests interfering with other guests' ability to enjoy the event may be subject to ejection.

2. Guests using foul or abusive language, or inappropriate or unacceptable gestures may be ejected from the Arena.

3. Guests appearing impaired may be ejected from the Arena and turned over to the authorities.


Distribution of any printed materials, or selling of any items is prohibited on the CURE Insurance Arena grounds, including the parking lots, walkways, and inside the Arena unless permission from CURE Insurance Arena management has been granted.

Re-entry into the Arena

Once a guest leaves the Arena during an event, there is no re-entry permitted unless another ticket is purchased. Re-entry may vary depending on the event, always refer to the event's detail page for this information.

Re-selling of Tickets (Husktering/Scalping)

Re-selling of tickets by private parties is prohibited on CURE Insurance Arena property.

Selling of Illegal Merchandise (Bootlegging)

Selling of illegal merchandise (merchandise not sold under the approval of CURE Insurance Arena management) is prohibited on CURE Insurance Arena property as well as by law.


Smoking is not permitted inside the CURE Insurance Arena and there are NO designated smoking areas.


CURE Insurance Arena owns signage rights inside and outside the Arena. Advertising signs or banners tenants wish to display must be pre-approved by CURE Insurance Arena management.

Prohibited Items

  • Aerosol cans
  • Air horns
  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
  • Animals (except certified service dogs for the disabled)
  • Balloons of ANY kind
  • Beach balls and other inflatables
  • Bota bags or wine skins
  • Bullhorns or noise makers
  • Cameras or recording devices (varies by event)
  • Confetti
  • Fireworks, firearms
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Framed Backpacks
  • Glass bottles or aluminum cans
  • Ice chests (coolers) or thermos containers
  • Laser pointers
  • Outside food or beverage
  • Skateboards or roller blades
  • Sticks or clubs (including signs attached to sticks)
  • Stools or folding chairs
  • Water bottles or mugs

Outside Food or Beverage

Outside food and beverages, including water, are not permitted inside CURE Insurance Arena. The arena offers a wide variety of food & beverage options at all concession locations. For more information on these offerings, visit our Concessions page.

Metal Detectors (Magnetometers)

Ensuring the safety of our guests is always a top priority. Please be advised that for all events, CURE Insurance Arena venue security will utilize walk-through metal detectors (magnetometers) to search all patrons entering the facility. Customers should keep the following in mind:

  • Minimize the number of personal items you bring to the venue.
  • Allow extra time for arriving to and entering the venue.
  • Guests will be asked to remove from their clothing and belongings any items that may trigger the alarm, including cell phones and keys, before they pass through the metal detector (magnetometer) units.
  • Bags will be searched.
  • If the metal detector (magnetometer) alarm sounds, you will be subject to a secondary screening which may slow your entry into the venue. If the metal detector still alarms after three screenings, you may be subject to a pat down.
  • The same list of venue-prohibited items will still apply.
  • It is at the discretion of venue management as to what events these units will be in use for.